Kerala | Kollam Temples
Ammachiveedu  Muhurthi Temple
This is one of the very ancient and rare temple in Kerala where Muhurthi is worshiped (No Idol). The origin of the Temple cannot be traced through records.  But it is founded some six hundred years ago for the spiritual benefit of Ammachi Veedu family, an ancient aristocratic family in Quilon (Kollam). The diety is worshipped by the name Moorthy Amma, which denotes the absence of an idol.
Anayadi Pazhayidam Narasimha Temple
In Quilon district, Shooranadu panchayath at Kottappuram stop of Kayamkulam-Sasthamkotta route is this Narasimha temple.  Main deity is Narasimha. This is one of the temples in Kerala where maximum number of elephant are lined up in procession.
Chavara Sree Krishna Temple
This temple is situated at Chavara Bus stop in Chavara Panchayat at Kollam district. The presiding deity is Sree Krishnan as Balagopalan, the idol has two hands and is facing east.
Kodimootil Sree Bhadrakali Temple
The Kodimootil Bhadrakali temple is in Paripalli which is the boundary between Quilon and Trivandrum District.  It is 23 kms away from Quilon N.H and from Trivandrum N.H it is 50 km. The temple faces the north. It is one of the temples where Bhagavatham is recited throughout the year.
Kottarakkara Ganapathy Temple
This temple is in Kottarakkara Manikandeswaram is the real name.  Main deity is Siva but sub deity Ganapathy is having more importance.  Round shrine Siva faces east and Ganapathy south Parvathy facing west and a pond in east front.
Kottarakulam Maha Ganapathy Temple
This is one of the important Ganapathi Temples of Kerala. The presence of divinity is the reason for the crowd of devotees visiting the temple. People belonging to all castes and creed visit the temple and have all their desires fulfilled.
Kottukal Rock Cut Cave Temple
Situated on the Thiruvananthpuram-Kottayam M.C.Road, this temple is an example for rock-cut caves. The marvelous engravings attract even tourists to this beautiful temple. Devotees throng here to perform various rituals.
Matha Amritanandamayi Asram
Nestled on an island between the Arabian sea and the Kayamkulam back-waters, stands the Amritapuri ashram, the headquarters of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math, which has been made sacred by the holy presence of Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma), Divine Mother and most revered Satguru to millions all around the world.  Mata Amritanandamayi Math, with headquarters at Amritapuri (Kollam District, Kerala), is a registered charitable trust, fully dedicated to serving humanity without distinction of caste, race or religion. 
Oachira Temple
On the side of Alappuzha-Kollam route 34 km from Kollam town.  Dedicated to the universal supreme power, this temple has no particular idol or deity.  Yet it is a famous pilgrim centre.  
Parampathukulangara Sree Mahakshetram - Pavumbakali
In southern Kerala the Pavumbakali Temple is famous.  It is also known as Parampathu Kulangara Mahakshetram.  It is one of the rare temples where there is ‘Shadadhara Prathishta’.  Kirata Moorthy Sree Parameswaran,. Annapoorneswari Sree Parvathy and Pavumbakali ‘the Abhishtta Varadayini’ are the main deities. 
Poruvazhi Peruviruthi Malanada Temple
Poruvazhi Peruviruthi Malanada Temple is believed to be the only Dhuryodhana Temple in South India. This Temple is decades old and follows very old traditions and customs. It is believed that after Kurukshethra war , Dhuryodhana, a firm devotee of Lord Siva came to this place and merged in to the power of Lord Siva present in that place
Puthiyakavu Bhagavathy Temple
In the heart of Quilon town situates Puthiakavu Bhagavathy temple  protecting and sheltering thousands of disciples.  The same Bhadrakali of Kalighat at Calcutta worshiped by Sree Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and Vivekananda Swamy is sitting in this temple in ‘Sivaa’ (Parvathy) assumption. Now this is also one of the Maha temples (big) in Kerala. 
Sakthikulangara Sasta Temple
This famous temple is situated at Sakthikulangara at Kollam district. Sastha is the presiding deity, facing in the east.
Sree Uma Maheswara Swami Temple
It is a rare Mahakshetram where Uma Maheshwara are seen together on the same ‘Peedam’.  In the Kollam city on the main road from Chinna Kada to Valiyakada little away is the Uma Maheswara Temple.  In the Uma Maheswara Temple there is no caste, creed or Religious discrimination.  In the past Portuguese, Parsis and Chinese used to come to the temple for the fulfillment of various desires.  The Lord is easily pleased. 
Thekkan Guruvayoor Sree Krishna Swami Temple
This famous Sreekrishnaswami temple is popularly known as Thekkan Guruvayoor, facing east. It is Located at Thevalakkara Panchayath near Chavara in Kollam district.  The temple is very ancient and the Lord Krishna, the complete reincarnation of Sree Maha Vishnu, resides with all auspiciousness. 
Valiya Koonampayikkulam Sree Bhadrakali Temple
This Bhadrakali temple is very ancient.  Devi was worshipped only in ‘Sankalpa’ without an Idol or temple. This place is situated in Kollam District.  People of all castes and creed come here to offer worship.