Kerala | Alappuzha Temples
Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple
Ambalapuzha Sree Kishna Temple is 10 km away from the district headquarters. The great poet Kunchan Nambiar spent a major part of his life, including the last, worshipping Lord Krishna here.
Aravukad Sreedevi Temple
The temple is eight km south from Alappuzha town, at the eastern side of NH at Punnapra. This Temple is dedicated to Devi, She after killing the demon Daruka is represented in her mighty form. For more information log on to:
Aroor Karthiyayani Temple
This temple which faces towards east, is situated on the Ernakulam-Alappuzha NH with a convenience of having a bus stop named as Aroor Temple stop. The presiding deity is Karthiyayani and sub deities are Sivan and Ganapathi.
Chakkulathukavu Bhagavathy Temple
Chakkulathukavu Bhagavathy Temple, the Sabarimala of women, is located at Neerattupuram in Alappuzha District of Kerala. Chakkulathamma the benefactress cosmic mother, the conduit power of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara, the creator, preserver and destroyer dwells here. This Bhagavathy temple is famous for its Pongala Festival.
Cherthala Karthiyayani Temple
One among 108 Durga temples situates in Cherthala of Alappuzha District of Kerala. Main deity is Karthiayani which is self originated. Shrine is 4 feet in depth facing east.
Chettikulangara Bhagavathi Temple
The Kettukazhcha festival at this temple draws large crowds of devotees. This is one of the few temples in Kerala where ritual arts like Garudan Thookkam are performed.  Procession of all decorated structures on chariots, brightly decorated effigies of horses and bullocks and cultural performance make the festival spectacular.
Chingoli Sree Kavilpadikkal Devi Temple
The sanctum sanctorum of the temple is famous. The basement of it starts from the sea level and constructed as a well and above the well made square panjavargathara of three feets and the Goddess is sitting there blessing all the devotees. Festival of the temple starts from Sivarathri onwards in the Malayalam month of Kumbham.
Eramathoor Pattambalam Adhichavattom Soorya Temple
There are very few temples dedicated to the Sun God in India and one such is Eramathoor Pattambalam Adhichavattom Soorya Temple. This famous temple is situated in Alapuzha District and the boundary line between Mavelikkara, Chenganoor Taluks passes through the compound of the Temple.
Haripad Subrahmanya Temple
Temple situates in Haripad of Alleppey District. Main deity is Subrahmanyan with chathurbahu (four hands). Deity was supposed to be Vishnu. Though now believed to be Velayudha the festival celebrated in the temple are for Lord Siva and Vishnu.
Kanichukulangara Bhagavathy Temple
This temple is situated eight kilometers away from Cherthala in Allappuzha district. The presiding deity is Bhagavathy facing east. Poojas are offered thrice and Thantric rites are administering Paravur Sreedharan Thantri.
Kidangamparampu  Sree Bhuvaneswary Temple
Sree Bhuvaneswary temple is an ancient and very famous Devi temple in Kidangamparampu of Alleppey. This is the second only temple which holds Raja Gopuram other than the famous Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple of Trivandrum. 
Koleduthukavu Mahadevi Temple
It is a centre for solace devoid of any cast, creed or religion. Devotees from all over the world throng here to get blessings from the Holy Goddesses. The temple is situated in Alappuzha district near Kayamkulam. The name of the place is Kandalloor. The presiding deities are Annapoorneswari and Sree Bhadrakali with equal importance.
Kuttemperoor Sree Karthyayani Devi Temple
This ancient temple of Sree Karthyayani is believed to have been worshipped by Kroshtamuni during Kritha Yugam. The temple is about 2.5 km east of Thiruvalla - Mavelikkara PWD road via Koikkkal junction or Puthuvilapady junction, in Kuttemperoor, Mannar Panchayath, Chengannur in Alappuzha District. For more information log on to:
Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple
This famous temple of snake worship in Kerala is situated in Mannarasala near Harippad in the Alappuzha district. The presiding deities are Nagaraja and Sarpayakshi. The legend has it that Parasurama installed the temple. Ayilyam in Thulam is now famous worldwide as Mannarasala Ayilyam.
Mararikulam Sree Mahadeva Temple
Mararikulam Sree Mahadeva Temple is a century old important temple situated at Alleppey district in between Alleppey and Cherthala one kilometer west from NH-47 road and Mararikulam Junction. This powerful temple where self originated idols of Sree Parvathi and Sree Parameswara sits face to face.
Maruthorevattom Dhanwanthiri temple
This temple is situated three kilometers east from Cherthala KVM bus stop at Thanneermukkam Panchayat in Allappuzha district. The presiding deity is Dhanwanthiri, and the stone idol which is facing west is engraved in a form that Lord Dhanwanthiri holds a Shanku, Chakram and an Amrithakumbham.
Pulikakavu Sree Porkali Bhagavathy Temple
The origin of Pulikakavu Bhagavathy Temple is connected with the royal dynasty of Chembakassery. The sub deities are Ganapathy, Sarpayakshi, Yakshi, Brahmarakshasu, Sasthavu, Sivan, Nagam, Kodumkali, Anamarutha and Arukola. The thanthric rites of the temple belong to Ambalapuzha Puthumana Illam.
Sree Munnodi Devastanam
In this temple the main deities are Durga and Bhadrakali and they are given equal importance.  So separate Sree Kovils have been built for the deities and such temples are very rare.  This temple has a very ancient history and is famous for its prosperity. 
Srimath Muttom Thirumala Devaswom
The Gowda Saraswath Brahmins temple known as the Muttathu Thirumala Devaswom, Cherthala is situated in the heart of the Municipal town.  It was believed that this temple was belonged to a Namboothiri of Muttathu Mana and the deity was Lord Siva. 
Thakazhi Dharmashastha Temple
This temple is situated six kilometers away from Ambalapuzha at Thakazhi in Allappuzha district. The presiding deity is Shasthavu who is facing east.
Thiruvampady Sree Krishnaswamy Ttemple
Divinity in its rarity is consecrated at this ancient temple and it enjoys a supreme position among the temple of Central Travancore. The temple is millennium old and its sanctorum with Garbhagraham is constructed in a square shape along with Namaskara mandap, Chuttambalam, circum-ambulatory, flag mast, minor temples, aannakottil etc.
Thrikkunnapuzha Sree Dharmasastha Temple
The archeological researches have recorded that this abode had attained its glory centuries ago. The abode of Sree Dharmasastha idol with wife and son in the temple is known extensively in Kerala, and the fact that hundreds of devotees visit the temple on pilgrimage stands as a testimony.  This Dharmasastha temple is also well known as Padinjare Pathinettampadi.
Thuravoor Mahakshethram
Thuravoor Mahakshethram is one of South India’s most important temples dedicated to Lord Narasimhamoorthy. Installed close to Narasimhamoorthy, but in a separate Sreekovil, is the idol of Sree Mahasudarsanamoorthy.
Varanad Devi Temple
The Varanad Devi Temple is a very Ancient Temple situated on the North Eastern side of Chertala.  It is about 3 km from the Chertala Transport bus stand. The Devi is represented as riding on the Vethala after killing the demon Darika. For more information log on to:
Velorvattom Mahadeva Temple
Velorvattom Mahadeva Temple situates at Cherthala, about 2 km away from the bus stand. The presiding deities are two Sivas. It is one of the 108 Sivalayas concecrated by the sage Parasurama.
Vetticode Sree Nagarajaswamy Temple
Vettikode Sree Nagarajaswamy Temple is one amongst the main snake worshipping temples of Kerala. Aadimoolam Vettikode Nagaraja Swamy Temple is situated in Vettikode near Kayamkulam of Alappuzha district. The presiding deities are Anantha and Nagayakshi.