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India, bounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges in the North and edged by an endless stretch of golden beaches, is the land of hoary tradition and cultural diverse. Vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes, glorious historical sites and royal cities, misty mountain hideaways, colourful people, rich civilizations and festivities craft India Incredible. The delightful South India where Indian heritage is more intact has much to offer to this ancient tradition. Info Kerala Communications is equipped for you with some elucidations which increase her significance in the world map. Info Kerala gives some valuable information about Tourism, Fascinating Destinations, Accommodation Facilities, Culture and Tradition, Ayurveda, Artifacts, Medical Tourism, Real Estate, Spices, Coir, Coconut, Marine Resources, Education Scenario, Temples, Pilgrimage etc. through different publications with high quality of printing and finishing.

anchor india
Anchor India

In Anchor India, Info Kerala proffers more information about medical tourism in India, space making and space makers, coir, coconut, marine resources along with amazing tourism maturity of India. The 1/6 size book includes 296 multi colour pages in art paper with hard bind cover.

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campus plus
Campus Plus

Recent years have witnessed the educational scene in the state undergoing a sea change in respect of quality, diversity and accessibility and in Campus Plus, Info Kerala tries to say what they are. The 1/6 size book includes 284 multi colour pages in art paper with hard bind cover.

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kerala tradition
Kerala Tradition & Fascinating Destinations

Info Kerala depicts why Kerala becomes one of the must see destinations in the world by Kerala Tradition and Fascinating Destinations. It is a prelude and torch bearer to Kerala Tourism. The 1/8 size book includes 540 multi colour pages in art paper with hard bind cover.

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ancient ayurveda
Ancient Ayurveda

Come Back to Nature - is appropriate advice for the modern man. Apart from nature, survival of mankind will become practically impossible within a short future. Info Kerala describes in Ancient Ayurveda how ancient Indian science and knowledge are extremely befitting for this age.

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