Kerala | Palakkad Temples
Cherpalchery Sree Ayyappankavu Temple
The Dharmasastha temple of Cherpalchery is very ancient and more than 1000 years old.  It has great historical importance also. Ganapathy, Lord Siva, Brahmarakshus etc are the sub-deities of the temple. Navagrahas are also given prime importance here. 
Emoor Bhagavathy Temple (Hemambika)
Emoor Bhagavathy temple (Hemambika) is a very ancient and famous temple dedicated to Sree Bhagavathy facing east. The temple is situated at Palakkad district, on the way to Malampuzha at Kallekulangara stop.
Kallekulangara Bhagavathy Temple
This temple is in Akathethara at Pallakkad district. It is known in several names such as Kaipatthi Temple, Hemambika Temple and Emmoor Bhagavathy Temple. Epic says that Parasuraman, in order to protect Kerala has consecrated and installed four Ambikas and one among them was Hemambika.
Kalpathy  Sree Visalakshi Sametha Sree Viswanatha Swami Temple
The Visalakshi Sametha Viswanatha Swami Temple is compared to the Kasi Viswanatha Swami temple as the main deity here is Lord Siva and the Temple is on the banks of river Nila, a tributary of Bharathapuzha.
Manapalli  Bhagawathy Temple
This temple is situated in the heart of the Palakkad town.  The ‘Prathistha’ is Bhadrakali.  She is in the Shanta Bhava.  The main offerings of the temple are ‘Kathina Vedi, ‘Chandattam’etc. 
Oottukulangara Bhagavathy Temple
Palakkad district is blessed with so many powerful temples among which at Ootukulangara situates Goddess who is self originated and quick tempered Bhadrakali in her pious and calm mood.
Pariyanampatta Devi Temple
This temple is one of the famous temples of Kerala, dedicated to Bhagavathy.  This is one of the largest Devi temples of Valluvanad Desam in Palghat district.  Presiding diety is known as the Goddess of 14 Desams.  Temple and its precincts have much resemblance to that of Mookambika temple Kollur. 
Sree Kurumba Bhagavathy Temple
Sree Kurumba Bhagavathy temple is very ancient and famous in Kerala. Its tradition and festivals attract more number of devotees daily. The most important ritual of the temple is the Chettiar Kambam.  All the people of Pudussery participate in the celebration of Kummatti. Here the Pudussery Vadi is performed on the 1st Friday of the Malayalam month of Kumbha every year.  The festival is celebrated for 13 days.
Sree Mangode Bhagavathi Temple
This is a very sacred and important pilgrim centre of Kerala. This famous bhagavathy temple is located just 100 meters away from Mangode stop on the way to Palakkad Cherpulassery route. It is believed to be about 500 year’s old history to the temple.
Sree Mangottukavu Bhagavathy Temple
Mangottu Bhagavathy Temple enshrines Vaishnavi, one of the seven mother goddesses. It situates in the Tharur panchayath of the Alathur taluk. The idol of the goddess is about six feet tall.
Sree Pechiyamman Temple
Palakkad, popularly known as the Granary of Kerala and famous for the historical monuments has been blessed with one of the rarest temples of South Kerala that is of Goddess Sree Pechiyamman, located at Kulalapalayam (presently Pechiyamman Nagar), Kalpathy, the heritage cultural village and the temple abode of Lord Viswanatha.
Sree Puthanalkkal Bhagavathy Temple
In Cherpalchery Village of Ottapalam taluk near Palakkad road situates this famous temple blessing the area of Valluvanadu. The Goddess is believed to be very powerful and captured the mind of public with her enchanting powers.
Sree Thirupuraikkal Bhagavathi Temple
Sree Thirupuraikkal Bhagavathi Temple, Vadakkanthara is one of the Ancient famous Devi temples in Kerala. It is situated in the heart of Palakkad town, within a distance of 300 meters from Palakkad – Kozhikode National highway. The deity of the temple is believed to be the image of Kannaki.
Thiruvalathur Randumoorthy Temple, Palakkad
This is the biggest and oldest temple in Palakkad district and also one amongst the most famous 108 ‘Durgalayas’ consecrated by Lord Parasurama. The deities are Annapoorneswari and Mahisha-suramardhini. 
Vellottukurussi Sree Ayyappan Temple
Vellottukurussi Sree Ayyappan Temple is situated in Cheruplassery Village of Palakkad District. This temple is 1 km away to the west of Cheruplassery Ayyappankavu. The temple is situated in the heart of Vellottukurussi Desam. The Vellottukurussi Ayyappan Temple is very ancient.
Vettaikkorumakan Temple
This famous temple is located at Nenmmara in Palakkad district. Presiding deity is Siva (Kirathamoorthi) facing in the west.