Kerala | Malappuram Temples
Alathiyur Perumthrikovil Temple
It is believed that the idol, so called Perumthrikovil Hanuman Kavu Temple was erected and consecrated by Sage Vasishta some 3000 years ago.  This temple was owned by Alathiyur Grama Namboodiri.  This temple situates in Alathiyur village, Tirur Taluk, Malappuram district.
Angadippuram Thali Temple
In Manjeri-Malappuram route, three kms from Perinthalmanna at Angadippuram of Malappuram district the historic and powerful temple situates.  Main deity is Siva with three poojas daily and sub deity is Ganapathy. The peculiarity of this temple is that the Sivalinga (the Vigraha of Siva) is protected from the midst of two trees.
Arakeezhaya Temple
This temple is situated in Vaiparapadi on the Manjeri - Malappuram route at Malappuram district. The presiding deity is Siva facing east.
Banapuram Temple
This temple is located in Vaniyambalam on the Vandoor - Kalikavu route at Malappuram district. The temple situates on top of a mighty rock. The presiding deity is Thripura Sundari and is a Silakannadi Pradishta.
Edathupuram Sree Krishna Temple
This temple was installed and consecrated by the sacred poet Poonthanam and is located in Angadipuram three kilometers away from Perinthalmanna in Malappuram district. The presiding deity is Sree Krishna facing east.
Hariharakunnath Siva Temple
This temple is a Snake God adoration center. It is situated in Mannemkode on the Perunthalmanna – Pattambi route at Malappuram district. The presiding deity is Sivan which is Swayamboo (self-origin) facing east.
Indianoor Ganapathy Temple
The temple situates in Indianoor, near Kottakal, of Malappuram district.  The presiding deities are Siva and Vishnu.  But the importance is given to the sub-deity Ganapathy. 
Kadampuzha  Sree Bhagavathi Temple
The Temple for Sreeparvathi at Kadampuzha, dedicated to Goddess Vana Durga, is one of the most prominent Devi temples in Kerala.  The idol in the Sanctum Sanctorum is abstract in shape but it is ‘Swayambhoo’ or natural manifestation.  The temple is very simple in architecture without any imposing edifices or a gold-plated flagmast.  Kadampuzha in Malappuram District of Kerala is far from the bustle of city life, just about two kilometres east of Vettichira between Valanchery and Kottakkal on N.H.17. 
Kilikunnukavu Bhagawathi Temple
The Kilikunnukavu Bhagawathy Temple is an important Temple of Valluvanad. It is situated in Pulamanthole of Malapuram district. The deity is also known as Alikkalamma, the Devi is easily pleased. Astrologers say that this temple is about 1000 years old. 
Paloor Sree Subramanya Temple
One and half kilometers from Pulamanthole centre and 12 km from Pattambi of Shorunur-Mangalore Railway line at Paloor situate the famous temple of Lord Subramaniyan, renowned as Paloor Kalari (Kalari- a training centre for martial arts and family shrine) from ancient period.
Perinthalmanna Thali Temple
The temple is located about 3 km west of Perinthalmanna on the way to Malappuram.
Pulamanthole Sree Rudra Dhanwanthari Temple
Sree Rudra Dhanwanthari Temple which is about 3500 years old is situated in the centre of Pulamanthole.  At the beginning only the idol of Siva was present.  This temple belongs to the AshtavaidyaPulamanthole Mooss family. 
Sankarapuram Siva Temple, Pulamanthole
This temple is very ancient and more than 2500 years old as per the findings of expert astrologers. The temple is situated on the northern side of the famous Kunthipuzha and on the southern side of the State Highway.
Sree Vairamkode Bhagavathy Temple
Variamkode Bhagavathy temple is in Malappuram District and is historically important. There are many legendary stories about the temple. Temple is sitated in Vairamkode of Thirunnavaya Panjayath in Malappuram District. From Thirunnavaya Railway Station-3 km via Puthenathany-7 km and via Thirur-10 km are the distances towards the temple.
Sukapuram Kulamkara Bhagavathi Temple
This famous Bhagavati temple is situated near Edapal about 45 km from Thrissur towards Kozhikode and exactly 1 km east of Edapal junction. 
Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy Temple
Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathy temple is one of the ancient and famous Mahakshetras of Kerala. This temple is located at Angadippuram in Malappuram District.  The temple stands prominently on top of a hillock with an attractive look and majestic appearance.  The scenic beauty the bliss of solitude and mental peace imparted by this place will ever be in the mind of a devotee who had at least been once to this place.
Thirunavaya Navamukunda Temple
This famous and very old Vishnu temple situates on the banks of Bharathapuzha in Thirunavaya which is famous for Mamankam festival of Malappuram district. The temple is managed by the Zamorin Raja of Kozhikode.  The temple which is facing east is spectacular view with marvelous engravings.
Thiruvarchanamkunnu Temple
This temple is situated in Oorakam panchayat at Malappuram district, on the Malappuram - Vengara route, four kilometers away from Oorakam Puthenpeedika bus stop. The presiding deity is Sankaranarayanan, and as per epic is considered to be Swayamboo (self-origin
Thozhuvannur Bhagavathy Temple
This is one among the rarest temples which faces south. This temple is situated in Kavumburam stop two kilometers away on the  Valancherry - Kottackal route in Valancherry panchayat of Malappuram district. 
Thripangode Siva Temple
The temple dedicated to Lord Siva situated in Thripangode panchayath of Malappuram district. The west facing temple has five poojas and the sub deities are Navamukundan, Ayyappan, Gosala Krishnan, Durga etc. The temple is managed by Zamorin Raja of Kozhikode. The main festival is Sivarathri.
Trikandiyur Siva Temple
The idol at this ancient temple said to have been installed by Parasurama, the legendary creator of Kerala.  The temple is located near the town of Tirur and attracts devotees from far and wide. The temple is administered by Zamorin Raja of Kozhikode.
Vaisravanathu Temple
This temple is located in Cheriya Parappur desam in Vettam Pallipurath on the Kuttipuram - Tirur route at Malappuram district. This is one of the unique temples with Vaishravana deity in Kerala. The deity faces west. Pooja is performed once in a day and thanthric rites are administered by the Kalpuzha.