Kerala | Kozhikode Temples
Azhakodikavu Temple
This temple is situated one kilometer northward of Kozhikkode City Private bus stand. The presiding deity is Bhadrakali facing east. The thantric rites are administered by the paderi
Beypore Siva Temple
This temple is situated in Beypore at Kozhikode district. The presiding deity is Lord Siva in the form of a large Siva Linga. Three poojas are offered to the westward facing idol.
Beypore Sree Bhadrakali Temple
To the South of Kozhikode in the Beypore Panchayat about 2 furlong away from Beypore bus stand on the Western side, situated on the sea shore is the Mahakshetra of Sree Bhadarakali which is about 2000 years old.
Iringannoor Siva Temple
This temple is supposed to be one among the 108 Siva temples in Kerala. Temple situates in Kozhikode District, Edacherry panjayath, Nadapuram- Thalassery route at Iringannoor Temple stop. Main deity is Lord Siva and supposed to be sitting here with two eyes instead of the three eyes.
Jain Temple
The two temples in this compound at Trikkovil lane have exquisitely painted interiors and elaborately carved porticos.
Kanhilassery Siva Temple
This Siva temple is situated in Kozhikode district, 18 kms towards Kannur from Kozhikode on the national highway, in a pristine village atmosphere.  The temple administration is done by Zamorin Raja of Kozhikode. The temple was consecrated by the Rishi Kasyap Maharshi.
Lokanar Kavu
Famous temple of Malabar 4 ½ km from Ayancherry in Calicut District situates the co-ordination of three temples Lokanar Kavu.  Main deities are Vishnu, Siva and Bhagavathy.  Oldest temple is Vishnu and believed installed by Parasurama.
Muchukunnu Kottayil Temple
This temple is situated in Moodadi panchayat on the Koyilandi-Vadakara route, five kilometers away from Anakulam bus stop at Kozhikkode district.  This old temple is located amidst a thick forest with an extent of four acres. The presiding deity is Vathil Kappavar.
Poranghotur Subrahmania Temple
Poranghotur Sree Subramania temple is situated on the right Bank of Cherupuzha River in Koduvalli Grama Panchayath in Kozhikode District of Kerala State. It is 28 km North East of Kozhikode (Calicut) city and is accessible by road.
Sree Thiruvani Bhagavathy Temple
There is a very ancient Devi Temple in the city of Calicut, the Moonnalingal Sree Thiruvani Bhagavathy Temple. It is about 1030 years old and the Idols are made of Panchaloha. There are 2 main Idols, one of them is in the Satwika Bhava (peaceful posture) and the other is in the Roudra Bhava.
Sree valayanad devi temple
The temple dedicated to Devi, situates in Valayanad on Mankavu - Govindapuram route in the city of Calicut.  The temple which faces the North has four poojas. Valayanad Bhagavathi is the Upasana Devatha of Zamorin Swaroompam
Sreekandeswaram Siva Temple
This temple is situated in Kadalundi panchayat on the Kozhikode – Chaliyam route at Kozhikode district. Presiding deity is Sivan. The Shiva linga is inside a Banyan tree as well as the Sanctum Sanctorum.  The deity faces west. Two poojas are performed and thantric rites are administered by the Chiramangalam.
Thali Mahakshethram
In the heart of the Calicut town about 1 km away from the Railway station, the historically famous Thali Temple is situated. The growth and prosperity of the Calicut town is very closely related to the Thali temple which is connected to Sage Parasurama.