Kerala | Kasaragod Temples
Adoor Mahalingeswara Temple
Located in wooded surroundings on the southern banks of the River Payaswini, this ancient Siva Temple contains a sanskrit inscription in Kannada script which has been ascribed to the western chalukya king Kirthivarman II (745-755 AD). In Kerala-Karnataka boarder at Devanpady Panchayath of Kasaragod District situates this rare temple with three stepped Gaja prishta Sree kovil. Temple has an inner round, outer round and a palace ground (Rajanganam).
Adukkathu Bhagavathy Temple
Two kilometers from Bibungal on Painadukka - Bandadukka road in Kasaragod district situates Adukkathu Bhagavathy Temple known as Adukkath Melom Temple, with Mahishasura Mardhini as the main deity.  Facing east with three poojas daily.
Agalppady Durga Parameswary Temple
6kms from Badiyadukku and 1km from Pilamkatta of Kumbala-Mulleri route at Kumbadji Panchayath of Kasaragod District situates the east facing Agalppady Durga Parameswary temple. Main deity is Durga, with daily three poojas and sub deity Gadha dhary (Siva).
Ananthapuram Lake Temple
This 9th century temple is the only lake temple in Kerala and is the moolasthanam (original abode) of Ananthapadmanabha, the deity of Sree Padmnabha Swami Temple, Thiruvananthapuram. This temple is situated in Puthigai panchayat on the Kumbhala – Bhadhiyaduka route in Kasaragod district. The temple is in the middle of a pond and there is a Crocodile in the pond. The presiding deity is Anandhapadmanabhan.
Anantheswara Temple
The temple situates in Manjeswaram panchayat of Kasaragod District.  Narasimha, Siva and Subramanya these three Gods are worshipped in one sanctum sanctorum.  The temple is also famous in neighboring districts of Karnataka state.  Worshipping Nagas (snakes) is also important in this temple. 
Arikkady Bhaghavathy Temple
A Hindu temple where Muslims do their Namas (Niskaram).  1.5 kms east from Arikkady Junction in Kumbala-Manjeswaram route at Kumbala panchayat of Kasaragod District situates this very special temple with Bhagavathy facing east.  Another specialty is that sub deity (Upadevatha) is a Muslim magician ‘Ali’
Irival Mahavishnu Temple
This temple is situated in Irival on the Kanghangad - Pinnathoor route in Pulloor-Periya Panchayat at Kasaragod district. The presiding deity is Vishnu.
Kanghangad Karpooreswara Temple
This temple is situated inside the Kanghangad Fort in Kasaragod District. The temple is also known as Poongavanam Temple. The presiding deity is Lord Siva who faces west is offered with poojas thrice a day and thantra is Meykad.
Palakkunnu Sree Bhagavathi Temple
Palakkunnu Sree Bhagavathi Temple, the most famous Temple of Northern Kerala, is a well known cultural and spiritual center of the region, situates in Kasaragod District. Temple situates just 50 meters away from the Kottikulam Railway station and 3 km away from the Bekal Fort, the international tourist centre.
Sooryeswara Temple
Sooryeswara temple is in Kerala –Karnataka border, Bakrabely in Kasaragod District and 20 kms from Hossankudy of Manjeswaram near Pathoor , Vorkkady Panjayathu. There is only one km from the temple to the Karnataka border. Main deity is Suryeswaran.
Sree Mannampurath Bhagavathy Temple
Sree Mannampurath Devi is quick pleasing and blesses all the devotees visiting the temple. Very near to Nileshwar railway station and bus stand there is a thick groove with numerous vines and gives a forest feeling where Devi is seated announcing its sacredness. The main deity is Chandeswary and four other seats are also supposed and worshiped besides Bhadrakali. Weapons like Kargam and Nandakam also are worshipped. Main deity with eight hands and is made of metal.
Sree Varadaraja Venkatramana Temple
The temple belonging to GSB community of Kasaragod was originally consecrated in 1772 and subsequently in 1905 , the then Pontiff of Sri Kashi Mutt Samsthan Varadendra Thirtha Swamier conductd reinstallation of the presiding diety, Sri  Varadaraja Venkatramana along with the Parivara Devas such as Sri Hanuman, Sri Garuda, Sri Ganapathi and Sri Laxmi.
Srimath Anandeswara Vinayaka Temple, Madhur
The Srimad Anantheswara Vinayaka Temple, with its rich architecture and copper plate roofing, rises majestically against the beautiful landscape of the Madhuvahini River.  Devotees throng here to worship God and to get blessings from the presiding deity.  The temple is excellent because of its architectural style. Many people were attracted by its marvelous shape.